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Zinkel®: Zinc Nickel

The Zinc Nickel is the most widespread process in the electrolytic deposition of zinc alloys.

This treatment was conceived to meet the very high protection demand required by the automotive market. In recent years the process has also spread to the mechanical and hydraulics markets.

GT Galvanotecnica uses ZINKEL®, an innovative process of zinc nickel, which guarantees, in addition to the normal technical characteristics, also a bright and covering aesthetic finish. This treatment is applicable to both the frame and barrel rails.

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Innovative system

ZINKEL® is an innovative treatment for the protection of mechanical parts from corrosion. Why is it so important?

  • Because the increase in mechanical and chemical resistance from the aggression of physical and chemical agents increases the functionality and integrity of each component.
  • Because this leads to higher productivity standards that concretely produce more competitiveness in the international market.
  • Because the metalworking industry plays a strategic role for the development of industrialized countries, both in terms of employment and added value, and for the ability to transmit technological innovation to all branches of industry and the economy in general.
  • Because the latest safety and environmental protection regulations have created quite a few problems, significantly reducing resistance performance, and this treatment, instead, does guarantee those standards.
  • Because ZINKEL® is the most advanced answer to the requests for greater resistance to corrosion.


It was not easy to produce a more ecological anti-corrosion treatment and, at the same time, being it able to guarantee an excellent standard of resistance.

The path was long and complex because the existing formulas, like the electrolytic galvanizing coated with passivated hexavalent chromium that offered satisfactory results, had to give up the use of chromium VI due to its toxicity.

Therefore alternatives such as, just to name one of a few, organic and inorganic toap coat additives to be applied to the trivalent chromium passivations (substitutes of chromium VI) have been considered, but the results despite being positive were never fully satisfactory.

With the advent of Zinc Nickel, corrosion performance has improved considerably, in fact, for some years now this process has become a reference. Up to this very day the limit of traditional processes of Zinc Nickel could be the aesthetic quality, but now ZINKEL® offers a glossy and opaque finish.

Traceable materials

Thanks to its chemical composition, ZINKEL® allows to cover many materials, even those where conventional processes denoted impossibility or showed qualitative gaps, such as:

  • STEEL: all the families of this material are tractable (STEEL-AVP-CAST IRON)
  • ZAMAK: family of alloys of zinc, aluminum and copper
  • BRASS: all alloys
  • ALUMINUM: many types are treatable (given the vastness of alloys, it is advisable to carry out tests to evaluate adhesion).

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