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Galvanizing with high corrosion resistance

First step is a galvanizing process, with a thickness between 5 and 20 microns, which is subsequently protected by chromate with a high content of trivalent chromium, in order to give the deposit an iridescent color.

In order to improve corrosion resistance even further, a top coat of organic and / or inorganic nature is applied. If the process is applied to parts to be assembled, top coats can be added with products that reduce the coefficient of friction.

The ARC galvanizing treatment is available both on a frame with a load capacity of 3 meters x 1 meter and a barrel.


The electrolytic galvanization places on the objects to be galvanized a shift of positive ions of the metal to be deposited, which, when the electric current is fed, migrate to the negative pole where they discharge, depositing in the form of a uniform protective metallic layer.

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