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This page explains the policy on the use of cookies on the website, in compliance with the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data.
This regulation provides for the protection of data subjects with regard to the processing of personal data which will be based on the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality and rights.

The computer systems that allow the operation of this website automatically acquire some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.

The information collected could allow to identify the user through processing and association with the data held by third parties; it should be noted, however, that such information is not collected for such purposes but only to allow the proper functioning of the site itself and to make better and pleasant browsing of its pages.

Automatically collected data are IP addresses, identifiers of the terminals used by those who connect to the site, URL notation addresses, times, methods of requesting to the server, size of response files, numerical code of response given by the server (success, error, etc.), parameters identifying the operating system and computer environment used. These data are used anonymously for statistical purposes on the use of the site and its proper functioning.
It is known that such data could be used by the competent authorities to ascertain responsibility in case of computer crimes against the site.

Any updates on the information of Cookies will be published on this page therefore we recommend to consult it periodically.


Cookies are small text files that store information of different kinds; these data are stored on the device of those who visit a website and are stored for a variable period of time, also determined by the type of cookie and its function. Generally, they are not dangerous files but only allow a better browsing experience.
You can find more information about this on the Privacy Authority website and on English).


As most online services, uses proprietary and third-party cookies in a specific and limited manner for different purposes.
First-party cookies are mostly necessary for the proper functioning of the website and do not collect any personal identification data.
Third-party cookies used on our website serve to comply with the laws in force regarding the protection of personal data, to keep our services safe, and to provide a better and improved user experience by speeding up future interactions you will have with the pages of our site.


Cookies have a duration that is set at the time of installation and can be:

Session cookie: store temporary information, allow you to connect the actions performed during a specific session and are removed from the computer when the browser is closed.
Persistent cookie: are used to store information, such as name and password access, so that the user does not have to type them again every time he visits a specific site. They remain stored on your computer even after you close your browser.
The duration of the cookies we use can be found in the table below.




During the first visit to our site unnecessary cookies are disabled, only the user can decide whether to activate them or not through the banner that appears at the bottom of the page; after your consent you can still change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on this Cookie Settings button
or by clicking on: "Review your cookie consent" which is located on the right in the footer of all pages of this site. In this way the banner of consent to cookies will reappear and you can immediately change or revoke your consent.
In addition, all web browsers provide different methods to block and delete cookies used by websites. The user can change the settings of his browser to block/delete cookies.
Below are links to support documents on how to manage and delete cookies from major web browsers.
Disabling cookies on the main browsers: you can find information on the main browsers at this address.
If the user is using a web browser other than those mentioned above, please visit the documentation supporting the application he uses.  

The user can also disable cookies of the main web services by going to set his preferences; below some of the most popular services and used on the web:
Cookie management on Google Ireland Limited: Cookie management on Facebook: Cookie management on Twitter: Cookie management on Instagram:   Other information on the disabling of cookies: it is possible to stop the use and collection of certain data by advertising companies, for further information on and any waiver visit the website


Personal Data is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

Google Analytics: our site No longer uses Google Analytics, a service of Google Ireland Limited which generates detailed statistics on website traffic.

Google Maps: Google maps the service of Google Ireland Limited that allows you to view navigable maps. Google maps may collect cookies that track usage data of the system itself.
Collected data are processed in Ireland
The privacy policy of Google Maps available at this address: 

Google Fonts: service provided by Google Ireland Limited that allows you to incorporate and display custom font styles.
Google Fonts privacy policy is located here:

Facebook: the website uses a Facebook button to interact with our channels. Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, Facebook owner does not collect any data or install cookies on our website.
Any data collected by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited is stored in Ireland.
To learn more visit the addresses e


Puoi leggere l’informativa sulla privacy di questo sito alla pagina dedicata Privacy Policy.


This information was updated on 21/09/2022

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