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Standard electrolytic zinc plating

Standard galvanizing is a classic process of zinc deposition from an acid process.

They are applied from 5 to 20 microns thick, depending on customer requirements, and, subsequently, the deposit is protected with chromate based on trivalent chromium, to give the blue color to the coating.

We can apply the frame treatment with a load capacity of 4x1.5 meters, or perform a barreltreatment.


Zinc has an excellent protective power against iron: the protection is electrochemical in nature, since zinc is more electronegative than iron. In atmospheric agents a galvanic pile is established in which the zinc behaves as an anode; this phenomenon is called anodic or sacrificial protection. Galvanizing therefore has a galvanic corrosion protection capacity, limiting the formation of electrolytic micro-cells with anodic action in the edges.

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