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GT Galvanotecnica. The best experts in galvanizing treatments

We carry out galvanizing treatments, standard electrolytic zinc plating, electrolytic zinc plating with high corrosion protection, ZINKEL®.

Over the years, our company has extended its range of action to sustainable development, drastically reducing polluting emissions and embracing the policy of sustainable development.

Maximum availability for every need: galvanization and ZINKEL® treatments.
Choosing GT Galvanotecnica means to rely on a qualified, competent and ever-available partner, which will respond to all of your requests.

What allows us to guarantee the best quality and high standard at any stage is a great experience gained through the years and the avant-garde equipment available. Whenever necessary, we will advise on the best treatment for your specific needs.



Our history since 1950

  • 1950: The company repairs the mechanical parts of the bicycles and Gino Giubellini, the founder, introduces the first surface treatment tank to "revitalize" some of the time worn handlebars.
  • 1970: The first manual nickel chrome line for third parties is inaugurated.
  • 1976: The company grows, needs more space, moves to new premises and builds the first frame galvanizing plant.
  • 1980: The market demands increase and the first automatic chromium frame plant is created.
  • 1990: The barrel galvanizing plant also arrives.
  • 1996: The company expands, the new 2000 square metre building equipped with the latest generation static electrolytic galvanizing plant is ready.
  • 2002: A few years have passed but it feels packed already, a new, larger building is needed.
  • 2003: Installation of a new line of nickel plating and chrome plating with a length of up to 4 metres.
  • 2008: ISO 14001 environmental certification.
  • 2011: Great interest in the market for the latest technological innovation, the ZINKEL® process "the bright coating with high corrosion protection" with frame and roto-barrel finishing.
  • 2015: ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • 2018: Construction of a new electrolytic galvanizing line for large productions.

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